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I am 40-something trans woman; known I’m trans since my 20s, not “always” as some have.

Quick math there puts my trans history to a ballpark of a quarter of a century, and after the lengthy trip up the river “De-nile” and even lengthier trip to land of “Idon’wannaorcant”, I eventually transitioned few years ago.

Once upon a time, maybe… 2008 or so I came across a site and a message board called MHB, where I found wise people like Grace and Trish to guide, advise and support me on my path here. As MHB died last year to a technical glitch, we’re now pushing the tradition on and hopefully returning the favor – offering support and guidance to those might need it… or just hang out with likeminded people.

In the land of “happens whether I’m trans or not” I’ve got kids, grandkids, few ageing dogs, house, half-paid mortgage, plenty of work history mainly but not only in ICT, I’m proudly a professional nerd, got BSC and MBA done long, long time ago, have lead people, travelled, done exciting things, pulled long shifts & so on & so forth.


I am a 50-something woman of trans history, in the US. I am white. I am attracted to women. I am settled in northern New England. I grew up in northern California. I have a bi-gender child. I am an honorably retired police officer. I am a private person. There are lots of other details not listed here.


I am a 40-something trans woman in Pittsburgh, USA, a city known around the world for its chief exports, Steelers fans and salads with French fries on them. I work in marketing and public relations and I am happily married. Helen Boyd’s book, “My Husband Betty,” saved my life, and if you are transgender you should probably go get a copy, along with Jennifer Finney Boylan’s “She’s Not There.”

I live with way too many stuffed animals and I also have an unhealthy attraction to large, ugly American cars, especially any Chrysler that’s as big as a whale. I occasionally blog for Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents.